11-01-2013 - We have updated the website to include new sections,
                              now you can stay abreast of developments in the office
                              news section and find some of the opinions of our clients

          11-02-2013 -  Arquitour has published pictures and drawings of the apartment building
                              in Castalla, one of our firsts works.
                              You can see it at this link:
                              or in our facebook site:

          18-02-2013 - Interiores Minimalistas allready published HMP apartement project, has included this project in a summary
                             of the bests minimalist works published by them in 2012!
                              You can see this collection and its high quality in the following link:

          27-02-2013 - We have updated the information of the JIR House in Majones, Huesca with new pictures provided by 
                              Kike Pérez. If you are curious to see his work you can take a look at his two websites:
          11-03-2013 - Arquitour keeps on publishing works from our office. Now it's time for the Police Station in Xixona
                              You can take a look at this link:

          14-03-2013 - Police Station in Xixona has been  choosen for Archipendium 2014!, a calendar published by
                              "Archimap Publishers", showing a building for each day of the year.
                              You can visit their site and Archipendium's at those links:

          06-05-2013 - Kike Pérez has given us this wonder
                              a video of Majones house and its warmth in contrast to the cold days in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

          19-06-2013 - The Website-Catalog of architecture VAC Arquitectura has included the AD House in its selection where we
                             can find some of the best examples of modern architecture in the Comunidad Valenciana.
                             You can take a look at this link: 

          07-10-2013 - The Website Arquitectura Beta, that publishes non built projects, has included The Irún competition
                             and GBA house in Muro d'Alcoi (this one in selected projects) in it's catalog of projects.
                             You can look at them at these links: 
                             casa GBA

          24-10-2013 - The new Archipendium 2014 calendar is already on sale, as we advanced some months ago they have
                             published our building "police station in Xixona", finally the day assigned has been December 17.

                             You can buy it at the following links:

          09-11-2013 - Our friends from Arquitectura Beta has published a new project from the office also in selected projects,
                             in this case it's a Shooting range ther we are developing and we hope to go on with the construction.
                             As always, you can see the project in this link:
Shooting range