HMP APARTMENT in Castalla - Helena:


                                                Daniel Martí (my brother) was the architect and designer of the reform of my
                                                apartment. Our family bond has allowed him to demonstrate some of the
                                                virtues of its architecture. In a personal way, he helped me see the enormous
                                                housing opportunities, which I had never suspected.

                                                Because of the peculiarities of the construction, both Daniel and all trades
                                                were in constant contact. He was aware of the professionals and vice versa,
                                                the professionals contacted him at the slightest doubt.

                                                Now, having lived and enjoyed the comforts of result of the work, I can
                                                assure you it was a good investment, and of course, I recommend their
                                                services to anyone wanting to have a house or an apartment different
                                                and unique.

                                                Helena Martí Pérez

          AD HOUSE in Onil - Ana:


                                                "We decided, finally, after much reflection, build a house for our family. It was
                                                not the right time (because of the economical situation of the country) but
                                                for us it was. Because of our family situation, two daughters aged 2 and 4
                                               years, it was time to build a new home.

                                                The house where we lived did not meet our needs because due work and
                                                little space we had was not a home in which to fully enjoy. Finally we
                                                decided to make our dream... a home that met all our needs.

                                                So we did, we seek to Dani for several reasons: it was my companion's school,
                                                I knew what it was, good student, very intelligent and a serious and
                                                responsible person. Another plus was that he lives in our own town. We
                                                needed someone young who want to work and understand all our needs.                                               

                                                We decided to call him, he immediately responded. We suggested everything
                                                we needed and for our surprise he understood us perfectly. He did a design
                                                with which were in awe, much better than we thought ... the meters needed
                                                in each room ... and the most important thing, the comfort of the house ...,
                                               was amazing!!! 

                                                His personal treatment, his involvement in the project, in the works ... if there
                                                was any doubt he was always there with all his ideas.                                               

                                                We invited some friends of ours, who are architects, to see the project Dani
                                                had made. They were amazed with the project and all its details ... which by
                                               the way ... nothing was missing.
                                                Now that we live in our new home, we wouldn't change it for nothig as it's
                                                simply PERFECT.

                                                Thanks Dani for everything."

                                                Ana Gómez Arias